Why Chuck Pratt has to go

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Why Chuck Pratt has to go

The guy in the following video has said it as it is, but there is much more to say about Chuck Pratt and the unwatchable storylines at Y & R. And, the viewers seem to agree on everything:

A complete breakdown of what's wrong with Y & R
The total ignorance of Chuck Pratt and Jill Farren Phelps, and why the fans are so furious:


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אני לא מבין למה הצופים לא מוחים...

העלילות לא נסבלות, עוד הייתה הקלה לכמה פרקים, אבל זה חזר להיות נורא. לצופים בארה"ב וקנדה יש כוח עצום, הם יכולים להפסיק לצפות, לשלוח מכתבים, להתלונן לנילסן כשיש את הסקרים של הרייטינג, ושום דבר לא קורה!
יש סיבה לכעס של הצופים, אבל למה הם לא עושים שום דבר?
אולי זו היהירות של בראדלי בל או של אחד האנשים שם בסוני או סי בי אס, אפילו היפים והאמיצים יותר מעניינת מצח"מ!

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The fans do complain

They have managed to get Jill Farren Phelps fired. But, Chuck Pratt seems to be even more powerful than Jill, and he is still there. He and Jill have been making all of the outrageous decisions together all these years. There is absolutely no respect for the intelligence of the viewers, and even the actors are offended by the storylines. Eric Braeden has quit the show a number of times, but he has always returned. He should have left years ago for primetime. Now, the older Y&R actors have nowhere else to go.

The Internet is full of comments by furious fans. Even though Chuck Pratt says that he does not read what the frustrated fans post online, the executives at CBS and Sony do. As I have said, the only way to get rid of Chuck Pratt would be for Y&R to be cancelled.

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Mal Young

I don't know if anyone has noticed - on the latest episode, both Chuck Pratt and Mal Young are listed as Executive Producers.
In addition, Chuck Pratt is listed as Head Writer

It's obvious that there is some kind of power struggle going on between Mal Young and Chuck Pratt, and that Chuck Pratt is winning.