looking to understand the statistics please


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looking to understand the statistics please

my son got suddenly at age 7 diabetes insipidus
MRI showed also thick pituitary stalk
blood tests returned negative for tumor markers but we understand that it doesnt rule it out

up until age 7 he was still wetting at night
we didnt see though him drinking that much more
suddenly one day he started drinking way way much more
and then it was diagnosed

we understand that it could be the way he was born - I mean the thick stalk
but it could also be LCH or germ cell that are developing there

we are ahead of the first follow up MRI
praying that they will see it shrink or at least not to show any bumps or evidence of tumor

my question which no one told us are the odds ... chances
statistically how many his age will develop a tumor when DI - diabetes insipidus is diagnosed with thick pituitary stalk

thanks in advance