Chelsea and Chloe

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Chelsea and Chloe

Chuck Pratt never fails to continue to write more stupidity.

Chloe comes back with the gun through the bedroom closet. Even though Kevin went upstairs to get Bella when she was crying - he did not realize that Chloe was gone.

Paul and Dylan discover the motel room where Chelsea and Connor were waiting for Nick, and only when a female witness calls to tell them about the explosion, and that she saw a man, a woman and a child - do they finally manage to find the cabin. They are the most stupid policemen in the world, and only Chuck Pratt could have created them.

Paul and Dylan believe that the witness saw Adam, and they go to look for the nearest field to stop them from escaping in a plane.

Chelsea and Nick believe that Victor is responsible for Adam's death, Chelsea goes back to the apartment to tell everything to Kevin and to Chloe, her best friend. She tells them that Victor did all this.

Nick goes to Victor to accuse him of setting up and killing Adam.

Paul and Dylan come to the apartment to look for Chelsea.

A preview shows that Jack finds Billy and Phyllis half naked...