Chuck Pratt, Jill Farren Phelps, the Bell Family, and Sony

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The Backstabbing at Y&R

Chuck Pratt learned the dirty "craft" from the best backstabber in the business, Jill Farren Phelps, and then he went on to stab her in the back too:

Two arrogant people:

A signed Petition that started about a year ago and that is still going on with comments from Y&R fans - asking that Jill and Chuck be fired:

Some of he best comments were written by those who said that Jill Farren Phelps and Chuck Pratt should be placed in the same mental institute that Sharon was in. Unfortunately, since a year ago, Y&R has only gotten unbelievably worse, not better.


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אני יודעת שסוני קשורה לצחמ אבל ממתי ולמה? ולמה סוני לא

קשורה ליפים והאמיצים? למה צחמ כן והיפים והאמיצים לא?

הדרך היחידה להציל את צחמ, זה להעיף את pratt ולהעיף גם לפחות 8 שחקנים, על מנת להוסיף משפחה חדשה כמו משפחת ספסנר שנוספה ליפים והאמיצים, יש מספיק דמויות שכבר אין יותר סיפורים בשבילם שיעיפו אותם ואז יש סיכוי.... משפחה חדשה ומסתורית יכולה להביא צופים.....

ה8 שצריכים לעוף: דילן, קיין, לילי, הילארי, שרון, מריה, בן ואולי ויקטוריה....

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Y&R can no longer be saved

Y&R and B&B were created By the Bell family for CBS, and CBS is now owned and controlled by Sony. The Bell family no longer has the power and the control that it used to have at Y&R. However, since B&B is no longer listed on Sony's website, and since Bradley Bell is the Executive Producer and the Head Writer at B&B - the Bells still have power and control at B&B. There is no information anywhere, but Sony probably did not want B&B.

All of the horrible actors who were hired by Jill Farren Phelps should have been fired years ago.

Sharon and Victoria are major Y&R characters. The two actresses have been around for many years, and they have contracts - they can't be fired.

With Chuck Pratt not going away, and having so much power at Y&R - there is no way that Y&R can be saved. The lifelong fans are totally disgusted, and they have already left. The new black viewers that chuck Pratt is counting on - are not going to save the soap. Sony should have known that Jill Farren Phelps and Chuck Pratt have destroyed every soap opera that they were at, and that they would do the same at Y&R.

Sony and CBS are going to have enough to deal with once the Victoria Rowell (Drucilla, Neil's wife) lawsuit goes further. That must also be a reason why they are now concentrating on the black family storyline.


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צעירים חסרי מנוח מצליחה יותר מהיפים והאמיצים בארה"ב, נכון?

אבל ביתר מדינות העולם היפים והאמיצים מצליחה יותר, לא? אני יודעת שהיפים והאמיצים כל שנה זוכים בפרס אופרת הסבון המצטיינת במונטה קרלו.....

את דרוסילה אהבתי, היא הייתה שחקנית ראשית? אני זוכרת שהיא הייתה תקופות ונעלמה תקופות....

נדמה לי שיחדשו את צחמ לעוד שנתיים, לא? אני ממש מקווה שיבטלו ויתחילו סדרה חדשה, כזו שאראה מהפרק הראשון.... את יודעת אם גם בהיפים והאמיצים המעריצים נוטשים? מה מצבם? האם רע יותר או פחות מצחמ?

יש לי שאלה: ראית את דאלאס? יש את המקורית כמובן ויש את הדור הבא שצולמה לפני כמה שנים ובוטלה.... הייתי רוצה אופרת סבון בסגנון דאלאס, כמובן שאני פחות מבינה מה היה בדאלאס המקורי אבל ממש אהבתי את דאלאס הדור הבא....

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Y&R and B&B

Once a daytime soap opera gets cancelled, they don't create a new one with the same actors. Also, the networks no longer create any new daytime soaps - most of the viewers watch primetime TV these days. There are very few soap operas left - they have all been cancelled because of Jill and Chuck.

I can't see how Y&R can go on for two more years with most of the viewers leaving and with what has been going on at Y&R. I haven't been following what is going on at B&B. I only watched it for a short time when the original cast was in it. However, viewers haven't been voicing their disgust for the show, and Bradley Bell and Edward Scott (Melody Thomas' husband) have been in charge for a very long time. Edward Scott used to be the Executive Producer of Y&R where he had spent almost his entire career working with Bill Bell. While at Y&R, he and the show received many awards.

While Y&R is still the number one soap in North America, if you look at the Wikipedia link, you can see that the US ratings for Y&R are now lower than half of what they used to be.
The US ratings for B&B are even lower than the ones for Y&R. B&B runs for only half an hour, and very few viewers watch it.
In Canada B&B is on CTV:
Y&R is on Global TV
Both shows can also be watched in Canada a day later on CBS.

The actress playing Drucilla had a major part in Y&R until Drucilla drowned. She has always been trying to come back to Y&R, but the show didn't want her. If you look at the link, she is now taking on all of the white actresses on the show, including the actress who plays Ashley.

Like everyone else, I used to watch the original Dallas, but I have never seen the new Dallas.


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בארה"ב צח"מ הכי נצפית, בעולם היפים כך גם היה בישראל בימי

השידור של צח"מ...
ד"א בראדלי בל לא יותר טוב מצ'אק וג'יל, הוא גם נוראי, לא יצירתי ומשעמם. ביל בל מתהפך בקבר עם כל מה שקורה כאן...

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It's only a matter of time

All of the remaining soap operas will soon disappear. There is no money in them for the networks. Very few viewers are watching the episodes on TV. Most of those who are still watching are doing it on the Internet, where there are no commercials. The networks are now concentrating on popular daytime talk shows and on primetime TV series.


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שצחמ תסתיים אז יהיה המבחן הגדול של השחקנים ,ואני משוכנעת

שרובם הגדול לא ימצאו עבודה אחרת, שחקן שבאמת מוצלח לא נמצא שנים באופרות סבון, וCBS יגלו איזה פרייארים הם ששילמו משכורות כה גבוהות לשחקנים שאחרי צחמ לא יעבדו בכלום.....