NBA 2K20 mistakenly download upgrade packages to Google Stad


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NBA 2K20 mistakenly download upgrade packages to Google Stad

NBA 2K20 mistakenly download upgrade packages to Google Stad
cheap NBA 2K20 VC Account The launch of Google Stadia has not been without controversy in its first week in operation. As a result it has been the numerous failures that have been detected in the service whether due to the presence of specific bugs of not offering the performance of images per second and speed promised from the beginning or only for the quality of the service.

Be that as it may today a user has echoed information confirming that NBA 2K20 introduces an update patch download. This would be within the relative normality in the current consoles and is more shocking in Google Stadia when one of the key points of the service is the elimination of this type of practices since the titles tend to be updated in the cloud.

Many users have criticized this and comment that this could be due to a synchronization between system and console without being the main reason an update of the sports simulator. Google who has received criticism from the player and regretted what happened:

"Thank you for informing us of this. It is an in-game error thatNBA 2K20 VC Account online shows an unwanted screen. We work with the developer to correct this bug. We hope to update it during the next few hours to solve it. Meanwhile NBA 2K20 can be played specifically after this update. Thank you for your patience".

NBA 2K20 is available on PlayStation 4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch Google Stadia and PC.

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