Archaic Hebrew terminology


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I noticed there was a lot of interest in archaic Hebrew words from a while ago. Incidentally, I stumbled across a few new ones in a book I read today, that I thought you'd be interested to hear about. (These date to the Haskalah period). נשים באוהל - Nuns ארון נגן - Piano בתי ידיים - Sleeves נעלי יד - Gloves בתי עיניים - Eyeglasses מגבעת אצבע - Thimble (I had to look this one up) Hope you liked it and can contribute some more​

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.Cool idea

Regrettably, I don't know much Archaic Hebrew stuff besides the ones you mentioned. פוזמק= Stocking\sock. But I'm not so sure it's archaic.​


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some more...

אנפילאות - Slippers שדולה - Lobby אלונטית - Towel​