Hey....I haven't been here for a few days and i wanted to see what's up with all of you!! The reason for my absence is because my computer is really f***ed up!! and i lost all the stuff i had on it, including all of my MP3's, which exceeded a 1000 songs, by my favourite artists and friends, even my own stuff
anyway, what's new? any new songs? did anybody get a new guitar? did anyone get fired....just kidding besides the fact that my computer is screwed I'm doin' good and enjoying my new ToneBone. I'm writin from my mom's computer at work because I've been working here for the past few days,and i haven't read anything here for like 4 days or so, maybe more. and as you can see there's no hebrew font in here so excuse my answer back to this thread Peace out homies!! Shalom!!

mr dish

New member
ron, my son, u havent missed much..

here... but u did a hole lot at home, on your pc, havent u? remember the phatman...
Hey Yosi....

You don't have to write in english man, but if you feel like it be my guest... i remember the Phatman, but i still have'nt laid my eyes on one, sorry i have been working and had no time to go to stores my pc has been down for the past few days so I'm not sure what you mean, but i have a feeling it's another one of your sick jokes lol anyway, how are u doing?

mr dish

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ron, i`m writing in english, so you

`r pc would understand me...u said it doesn`t have the hebrew ver...