addicted or not?


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addicted or not? ../images/Emo3.gif

Hello from Ayia Napa
Me and ZigZag just came in to say how beautiful holiday we are having... Everything id great, thank you for asking. We are coming back tomorrow about midnight... so if you've missed us here today you'll probably get us tomoroow `-) anyway, we're gonna be here for the next hour or so....\ Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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who are you?
thats great you guys having fun. did you take any photos? did you get some booggie booggie??
have a nice flight 2morrow


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איזה כיף לכם... יא חננות...

אני בשעות האלה, הייתי חוזרת מהים, נכנסת לישון איזה שעה ויוצאת לחגוג עד לבוקר.. נו איך המסיבות? נכון כיף? לכו למסיבות רגאיי... אחלה אפטר פארטיז... תזכרו: הרבה תמונות !!!


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we just woke up at 14:00

and reggae river sucks. The police doesn't allow them to put loud music... and too many children

Zigzag Aya Napa

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We just came back from the beach...

Going to sleep now a little bit... and tonight.. to the Castleeeeeeeeee Y Y Y kama kusiotttttttttttttttttttt